What is your style of photography?

A.My emphasis in sessions is capturing genuine emotion, connection, and authentic storytelling in beautiful light. I focus on interaction and candid moments, rather than forced smiles and everyone looking at the camera. My entire objective is to document a family in the most beautiful love, joy, adoration, playfulness, connection, and depth that I can possibly pull out. I want it to feel as if you are just spending a day with your loved ones, being yourselves, playing, exploring, laughing, twirling and kissing your babies, and just spending quality time together. I want to capture who you are, and what you're feeling at that moment. To document your unique love story and what I see in the most organic and sincere way.

How do you run your sessions?

A.At the beginning of every session, I tell my clients that my only rule is for them to constantly be touching or engaging with one another in some way. I tell them that I do not want them looking at the camera, unless I ask them to. While I am not the "look at me and smile" the whole time type of photographer, I do help guide and direct clients throughout the entire session. I will intentionally place them in the most beautiful light, position their hands if needed, and will give prompts that provoke natural emotion and connection. However, what I am really after are those moments that unfold naturally in-between the intentional posing. I want clients to just be themselves, and focus on eachother, while being extra loving, affectionate, playful, and silly. I will often play music, and encourage a lot of dancing and singing. I play games, make funny noises, have laughing contests, and have the parents explore with their children. I aim to make the session as fun and playful as possible, to keep the kids excited and engaged. They usually end up being my little besties at the end of the day. No session is ever the same, as I tend to go with the flow. I make sure to never stay in one spot for too long, and to keep everyone moving. I love movement in images. I also do a lot of breaking up during sessions, to focus on different relationships and each special connection. While I am pretty energetic and goofy, I do take time to step back and observe, while allowing more quiet and intimate moments to unfold. That is where the magic happens. The kisses, the tickles, the giggles; the way a child reaches for his mama's hand; when a father wraps his children in his arms; the sweet embraces between a couple. Those are the moments I am after, and truly light my heart on fire. Overall, my goal is to not only create gorgeous, heart-felt images, but also a comfortable experience that when everyone looks back at their images, they will remember how much fun they had, and the joy and love they felt.

Where will my session take place?

A.Sessions can take place at any location of your choice within Sonoma County. If more than 25 miles outside of 95403 a travel fee will apply. I will provide suggestions based on the type of backdrop you most prefer such as sunset, rolling hills, winery, etc.

How many people can I include?

A.Family sessions are up to 5 people, $25 per additional

Can you help with styling? What should we wear?

A.Yes, I would absolutely love to help with outfit selections! I know how stressful it can be to figure out outfits for everyone, so please feel free to ask me for any suggestions. In the meantime here are a few tips...I recommend coordinating outfits without being too matchy. Outfits should compliment one another and give contrast without being identical. Choose a color palette from colors that go together. Do not be afraid to mix and match with patterns, and definitely have a pop of color. For example, mustard is a great pop of color to go along with burgundy. I highly recommend women to wear a long, flowy dress, as it creates movement, and is very flattering on every body type and height. It looks amazing, and really makes a difference in photos. Plus you don't have to worry about what to do with your legs.
For in-home sessions, I recommend soft, neutral colors, to avoid any color casting on the newborn's skin. Most importantly, choose clothing that will reflect you and your family and that you can walk, move, and play in. It's important to be comfortable. For more ideas and inspiration, I'd be happy to help. Please feel free to send me pictures of some ideas you have, and I can help with suggestions on what would look best with it. Check out Pinterest as well.

Do you provide props?

A.Minimal props if any are used in my photography, as I am a lifestyle photographer. I always bring blankets since most of my sessions are outdoors. However, clients may bring props of their own that are important to them. If it is a newborn lifestyle session, I can bring some wraps and a crate upon request. I focus on using the natural backdrop of your home surroundings to capture the soft nature of your newborn. Nothing too posed, simply organic photos of the love for your new baby.

What is included in your session package?

A.For more information on each package that I offer, please click on the INVESTMENT link above. Depending on which package you choose, you will receive a 60-90 minute session; a 30-60 day online sharing gallery; a select number of fully edited, high resolution, digital images of your choice; and a print release giving you the rights to have the final images that you choose printed.

How much editing is done my photos?

A.General color correction and density adjustment is included on every image that will be given to you. On a select few favorites, more extensive retouching and skin correction is also included. However, I do not make any special changes to body parts, or more extensive editing such as head swaps. If you have a special request such as that, there would be an additional charge.

When can we expect to get our photos?

A.I take about 4-6 weeks to deliver your final gallery, if not sooner. Usually within 1-2 weeks I will post a sneak-peek on Facebook and Instagram for you to view.

Can I get more information on pricing?

A.Of course! I have different packages that I offer. Please click on the INVESTMENT section above.

Do you charge a travel fee for outside of Sonoma County?

A.Yes, for any location 25 miles outside of 95403, a travel fee will apply based on the distance.

What is required to make a booking?

A.A signed contract and a deposit of $75 is due upon booking a session.

How far out can I make a booking?

A.As far out as you would like!

Why choose me as your photographer?

A.Well for one, I'm super fun to hang out with 😎 🤪. I am very passionate about what I do, and pour my absolute heart and soul into every detail of my work. I have the ability to "feel" what is going on around me. Knowing when to crack a joke to lighten the mood, or when to stand back quietly and observe the tender in-between moments that naturally unfold. My contagious energy, joy, and goofiness will rub off on you, and you won't be able to help but be yourself, while forgetting that I'm even taking photos. You will walk away feeling as if we've been long time friends, and will be amazed at how much fun you had during the session (including the guys 😜) Your children will be my besties, and will be excited for the next session.

So if you are looking for a photographer that creates a fun, meaningful, and memorable session, that is full of laughter, and lots of cuddles, then I am your girl. If you want to look back at your images, and feel an overwehlming sense of joy, tears, and happiness, while you remember that exact moment as if you were there, then look no further. To me photography is like a poem without words. Being able to freeze those moments in time, and create that for other people is what lights my heart on fire. Every family has a unique story to tell. I would love nothing more than to tell your family’s authentic love story.

How do I book a session?

A.Easy! Just click on the CONTACT section above, and fill out the information. I will then email you back shortly, and answer any questions. Once we set a date, I will email a contract and a pre-session questionnaire.

"Alysse was a total sweetheart. She went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. Can't wait for her to do our wedding. I would definitely recommend her to other couples."

—William E.

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